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As HIIG continues to evolve, we are excited to announce we are reinventing our annual research magazine encore. For this new version we ditched the vintage paper style and designed a sleek version especially for mobile devices to reach you even in remote areas with little bandwidth. So, grab your smartphones, download encore and dive into the exciting entanglements the internet is weaving with our society. Be sure to share it with likeminded people to stimulate conversation. We will be happy to engage and discuss with you, too, so we can shape a more sustainable, democratic and inclusive digital future together.

Stay informed and inspired as you explore new ideas and perspectives,

Jeanette Hofmann | Björn Scheuermann | Thomas Schildhauer | Wolfgang Schulz


Public Interest AI | New interface with global map

In recent years, many projects have emerged across the globe that are labelled “AI for the social good” or “AI for the common good”. However, there’s a lack of accumulated and detailed data on such initiatives, including their objectives, methods and frameworks. In addition to a working definition of public interest AI, you can find this missing project data on…
|…the interactive world map of our new interface.
Quarterly_Februar – 1

Platform :// Democracy | Africa & Asia clinics

How can we make the rules and practices of digital platforms more socially sustainable? This question is currently being explored by 16 research fellows in two virtual research clinics. Based on the regions of Africa and Asia, they will develop proposals for the democratisation of online communication spaces. Learn more about our aim to align the rules of discourse on platforms with public values…
|…through platform councils.

Task Force | Digital Organising

How can digitalisation be used to improve organisational processes in different entities and environments? We have formed a task force to answer this question from a variety of disciplinary perspectives. It brings together a diverse group of individuals, including external researchers, policymakers and business professionals from various fields.
| Explore the concept of digital organising.


encore | Relaunch of our annual research magazine!

HIIG is reinventing its DNA: our research magazine is now completely digital, multimedia and designed to be read on smartphones. Browse the intersection of digitalisation and sustainability, engage with democratic values in platform regulation or explore the interaction between artificial intelligence and society. That's not enough? Why not dive into the future of work, walk on the digital infrastructures of science society and investigate autonomous systems?
|In encore you will find what defines us as an institute.

AI in knowledge work | New handbook

The potential impact of AI on employees in the world of work is widely discussed. What is less clear, however, is what managers and labour representatives such as works councils or trade unions can do to shape the use of AI in the interests of workers. Which opportunities can be realised and which risks can be avoided in knowledge work? Our new handbook makes suggestions for management.
| Take a look at the employee-oriented introduction of AI (in German)

Faking it deeply and universally | Artificial faces

Attempts to visually represent the human face in various media forms have a long history. More recent examples can be found, for example, in techniques also used in the controversial phenomenon of "deep fakes". This article explores the relationship between faces and the media forms used to represent and simulate them. What knowledge is (re)produced here about emotions and their communicative effects…
|… and how does it differ in the Japanese and Euro-American context?

HIIG BOOKSHELF | Further worthwhile publications


Hackathon I Development of AI explanatory models

On 3 February, we are organising a hackathon to develop new concepts for the explainability and comprehensibility of Atogether with citizens. It is part of a new research project, in which accessible explanation models for AI are being developed. Work with us on a gamified and technical orientation, to provide thought-provoking impulses for…
|…a better understanding of AI in civil society.

Multi-stakeholder dialogues | Sustainability, entrepreneurship & climate

On 13 March, we are organising a multi-stakeholder dialogue on digital entrepreneurship for climate in Mexico City. This event includes a presentation of the results of the research sprint "Green Technology, Entrepreneurship & Climate" and brings together key stakeholders from the green digital technology sector. The aim is to tackle the challenges sustainable entrepreneurs are facing.
| Take a closer look.
On 14 March, our Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Global Digital Transformation project is organising a second multi-stakeholder dialogue in Mexico City. This event will explore the use of AI to achieve sustainability goals, as well as the opportunities and risks of using AI to combat climate change.The dialogue will bring together a diverse set of stakeholders…
|…from the public and private sector as well as academia.
Quarterly-Januar-MSD-mexico – AI

Beyond HIIG | Events that caught our eye

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