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Dear friends and fellow researchers,

While everyday life is a bit quieter than usual, the internet never sleeps. That's why we've used the first few months of the new year to immerse ourselves fully in digital spheres. While the current situation makes a digital detox even less possible than usual, we are creatively adapting to the new situation and making the best of it: whether we are discussing how to advance a sustainable fee-free open access publishing model, launching the first interactive repository of platform policies or delving into the debate about how AI can best serve the public interest – our urge to do research is unbroken!

In this newsletter, you will find out more about what is currently on our minds and what new projects, research teams and initiatives have emerged.

Stay tuned & stay safe,

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Archive Platform HIIG

Freshly Launched | Repository of Platform Policies

How can we easily compare policies on misinformation or hate speech on online platforms? With the Platform Governance Archive (PGA), HIIG researchers are taking a pioneering step in collaborative research. The interactive tool is open to researchers, citizens and journalists from all over the world. It collects and organises platforms’ documents on their regulation and governance and makes them available via open access.
| Explore the archive here

Public Interest AI | Introducing the New Team

Very exciting things are in the making: our most recent research group, Public Interest AI, explores the societal challenges that arise from the introduction of AI in political, social and cultural processes. But what exactly is meant by this and what factors are particularly important? In their #KICamp21 webinar, the research team sheds light on their various projects and the main research question:
| How can artificial intelligence best serve the public interest?

DUCAH | First Founder's Forum

The Digital Urban Center for Aging and Health (DUCAH) facilitates a dialogue between different research fields, sectors and stakeholders. For its first Founder’s Forum on 31 March, scientists from various disciplines and research institutions as well as representatives from 17 organisations met virtually for the first time. The substantive work started with the first quarterly meeting on 19 April. Here the participants, including the Einstein Center Digital Future (ECDF) and HIIG researchers, worked on wicked problems in the interplay of digitisation, urbanisation and health.
| Learn more about DUCAH
Gemeinsam digital

_Gemeinsam Digital I Project Completion

After almost five years, the _Gemeinsam digital project group is looking back on a thoroughly productive time. The project brought together established companies, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) and start-ups. Further, the project developed interfaces, created collaboration cards with formats that facilitate cooperations, drew up an interactive Online Guide on Digital Training to support SMEs in upskilling their workforce and set up a brand new, free online course on how to get started with AI. The project team also supported business model innovation processes in eight SMEs.
| Discover these and more exciting project outcomes
innOAccess banner-01

InnOAccess | New Directions in Publishing

How can a fee-free open access publishing model oriented towards small research fields – such as internet regulation – be established in a sustainable way? The team around Marcel Wrzesinski has tackled this question, building on prior work by Internet Policy Review. The results of their recently completed project InnOAccess include two exciting publications: Working with Budget and Funding Options to make Open Access Journals Sustainable, as well as Working with Publication Technology to make Open Access Journals Sustainable.
| What InnOAccess is all about

Scholar-led Plus I Follow-up Project to InnOAccess

More great news on open access! With Scholar-led Plus, a joint project by HIIG and Knowledge Unlatched, our researchers Christian Katzenbach and Marcel Wrzesinski aim to further advance open access publishing. They plan to keep on contributing to the research on how to develop a sustainable model of publisher-independent, quality-assured non-APC Open Access journals in small, transdisciplinary and interdisciplinary subjects. Hats off!
|This way to the press release


We Are On A Mission - Jean-Marc Côté, En L'An 2000, edited by HIIG, CC0 1.0

"We are on a Mission"| Exploring Future Imaginaries

How do future visions relate to the making and governing of digital technology nowadays? Following up on a workshop in 2018, HIIG researcher Christian Katzenbach and former visiting researcher Astrid Mager published a Special Issue at New Media & Society. It sheds light on how software providers, tech companies and legislators dig into the rich pool of cultural norms, visions and values to support (or question) digital tools, rules and regulations.
| Discover the publication

Ethics of Digitalisation | Research Clinic Completed

Who gets to see what on the internet? And who decides why? These are among the most crucial questions regarding online communication spaces – and they especially apply to job advertising online. The fellows of the international research project “The Ethics of Digitalisation – From Principles to Practices” successfully completed the research clinic in February 2021. They addressed the highly relevant topic of "Increasing Fairness in Targeted Advertising: The Risk of Gender Stereotyping by Job Ad Algorithms”.
| Read the resulting publication and the accompanying blog post

Jung. Digital. Engagiert | Print Publication Out Now

Digitalisation is radically changing the framework for social life and new forms of civic engagement are emerging. But the virtual organisation of activities for a good cause is still little known to the public. The German-language portrait series Jung. Digital. Engagiert. Freiwillige im Portrait. (Young. Digital. Committed to Volunteering.) shows how young volunteers participate in shaping digital society by using their technological knowledge…
| ... and how they teach others to do the same

Framing the Debate | We Need To Talk About Data

The free flow of data is an essential component of the digital transformation. However, different concerns have led to policy initiatives that invoke the notion of data sovereignty. These would potentially limit cross-border data flows. As a member of the ad-hoc group, associated researcher Clara Iglesias Keller contributed to an Internet & Jurisdiction Policy Network (I&JPN) report, supported by HIIG and released on 6 April at the WEF Global Technology Governance Summit.
| Find out why we need to talk about data

HIIG BOOKSHELF | Further Worthwhile Publications



Big Data Dreams and Local Reality in China | 15 June

The next event in our academic lecture series “Making sense of the digital society” will take place on 15 June. The guest speaker for this discussion is Genia Kostka, Professor of Chinese Politics at the Freie Universität Berlin. She will be discussing “Big data dreams and local reality in China.” To stay up to date, check our website or...
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Give young people a voice! | 8 June 2021

We invite young volunteers to a day of dialogue with decision-makers from politics, science and civil society. They will have the opportunity to express their ideas, demands and wishes for the recognition and strengthening of their engagement for society. The dialogue is organised by the project team of the Third Engagement Report.
| Spread the word so that young volunteers can apply for the event
digitaler salon_2_website

From the Assembly Line to AI | 28 April 2021

In what areas of work is AI already being used today and what are the aims behind this use? How will it change everyday working life? Is it about relieving people or replacing them? And how do employees view the use of AI? At the next event in our talk series Digitaler Salon, HIIG researcher Georg von Richthofen will discuss options for a socially acceptable form of AI in the world of work.
| Watch the livestream

Beyond HIIG | Events that Caught our Eye

27 April 2021 | KI Camp | digital event
29 April 2021 | Women in Data Science Konferenz | digital event
9-11 June 2021 | IASC 2021 Knowledge Commons | digital event
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