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Workshop: Open Science

The shift towards open innovation has substantially changed the scientific and practical perception of corporate innovation. While scientific studies on open innovation are burgeoning, present research underlies a business-centric view that has focused on the back-end of the innovation process.

The draft paper
Oliver Gassmann, Bastian Widenmayer, Sascha Friesike and Thomas Schildhauer prepared a conference paper regarding open science in industry and academia.

You can find the latest version of the Open-Science-Paper here.

The workshop
The impact and implications of open innovation on academic and industrial science at the very front-end of the innovation process have so far been neglected. In our workshop we presented a conceptualization of open science and research as a peculiarity under the roof of open innovation. We proposed four perspectives, outlined current trends, and present directions for future developments. We saw that there is a general lack of a definition for ‘open science’. And thus a first task must be to come to a common understanding. Furthermore, we saw that different scientific communities value the idea of open science quite divergently. It would be interesting to find out why.