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Workshop: Business Models

Forschungsbereich: Internetbasierte Innovation

The term ‘business model’ became popular with the rise of the Internet and electronic businesses as a means to explain how an organization works.

The draft paper

A Conference Paper regarding internet-based business models was prepared by Helmut Krcmar, Markus Böhm, Sascha Friesike and Thomas Schildhauer. Review the latest version of the Business-Models-Paper here.

The workshop  

Innovations changed the way how customers interact with firms and thus with their products. Leading to a world, where companies compete on the basis of business models. This is also reflected in the many facets of today’s business models research, ranging from definitions and taxonomies to software supported business model designs. In our workshop we gave an overview on business model research, discussed trends and suggested a research agenda of particularly interesting domains for future research. We identified a main task in business model research: to visualize business models. A profound visualization would help to understand differences between firms and might lead to deeper understanding of why certain business models fail.