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Wissenschaftskommunikation in den Gesellschaftswissenschaften

Author: Blättel-Mink, B., Bogner, A., Fecher, B., Griem, J., Rinsdorf, L. & Villa Braslavsky, P.
Published in: SOZIOLOGIE, 50(1)
Year: 2021
Type: Other publications

With the increasing economization as well as the ›governance by numbers‹ and digi­talization of science, the academic sector faces tremendous challenges. The public›s need for scientific knowledge and expectations of fact-based policies affect all discip­li­nes; this has been obvious not only since the coronavirus pandemic. In this light, ›scien­ce communication‹ and notions of ›public science‹ have become inde­pen­dent and increasingly demanded elements of research and teaching. However, the disci­pli­nary characteristics require differentiated analyses of this new deve­lop­ment. The work­shop on challenges and opportunities of science communication in the social scien­ces focused on the findings of (sociological) science research. This ar­ticle docu­ments the closing discussion.

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