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Whitepaper: Working with Startups

Author: Jackson, P., Richter, N. & Morle, P.
Published in: Pollenizer, 1-12
Year: 2016
Type: Other publications

Startup innovation practice is a new eld, emerging from these times of massive disruption. You don’t need evidence from me that this disruption is occurring. We can see it happening around us in every update to the board from our management teams and in every news story. Times are changing and we have no choice but to make the ‘new thing’ that our customers demand, faster and better than anyone else. We need to do this systematically and courageously. Like a startup does. Startup innovation practice has risen from this need to be fast. We are all learning as we go, but the learning is happening fast. Some of us are learning what we need to do by founding companies and running incubators, like my company Pollenizer. Others, like Paul and Nancy, are travelling the world, examining best practice and sharing it back for us all to be successful quicker. Your company can start working like a startup, but perhaps you could begin by ‘getting involved’ and establishing a partnership strategy with the thousands of startups around you? That’s what Paul and Nancy have assembled for you here. You don’t need to take big risks or invest bucket-loads of capital. You just need to begin, and do so deliberately and strategically. If you do it without purpose and follow-through, it won’t come to much. This paper will get you started. We hope that it helps you level-up your own practice.

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