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There Shall be Order! A Proposal for More Structured Normativity on the Internet

Author: Kettemann, M.
Published in: Data Protection Officer Blog (DPO Blog), 15.3.2019
Year: 2019
Type: Academic articles

Can you recall a time before the Internet? When you read newspapers, called your friends on the landline and watched what the TV offered. Like everyone else? Things have changed considerably in this age of instant and self-curated news consumption and mediated personal relations management. The internet has evolved into a central space for societal interaction, both locally and globally. But new technology must also bring new law or mustn’t it? Law is indeed society’s most important medium to ensure order, rule and justice. Understanding the genesis, content and legitimation of legal and non-legal rules on the internet, and the constitution of the rule of the internet, thus becomes essential.

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