StrikeAPose: Revealing Mid-Air Gestures on Public Displays

Author: Walter, R., Bailly, G., & Müller, J.
Published in: CHI ’13 Proceedings of the SIGCHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, 841–850
Year: 2013
Type: Academic articles

We investigate how to reveal an initial mid-air gesture on interactive public displays. This initial gesture can serve as gesture registration for advanced operations. We propose three strategies to reveal the initial gesture: spatial division, temporal division, and integration. Spatial division permanently shows the gesture on a dedicated screen area. Temporal division interrupts the application to reveal the gesture. Integration embeds gesture hints directly in the application. We also propose a novel initial gesture called Teapot to illustrate our strategies. Our main findings from a laboratory and field study are: A large percentage of all users execute the gesture, especially with spatial division (56%). Users intuitively discover a gesture vocabulary by exploring variations of the Teapot gesture by themselves, as well as by imitating and ex- tending other users’ variations.

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Jörg Müller, Prof. Dr.

Ehem. Assoziierter Forscher

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