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Strategies for Designing and Growing Business-to-Business Platforms A Study of Six Cases Across Industrial Sectors in Germany. This study offers an actionable management framework—specialization over generalization, adaptation over disruption, and quality over quantity—that practitioners can apply to build B2B platforms.

Author: Meier, P., Friederici, N.,Krell-Sun, T. & Trabucchi, D.
Published in: Research-Technology Management, 67(2), 44–56
Year: 2024
Type: Academic articles

Can business-to-business (B2B) platforms copy the proven strategy playbooks from the consumer sector? Yes and no. In B2B, platforms apply specific strategies to overcome growth-limiting circumstances, like heterogeneity among ex-ante relationships between a limited number of potential users. This means that they weigh up the interests of individual user groups and allow for greater diversity of interactions.

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