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Replikationen, Reputation und gute wissenschaftliche Praxis

Author: Fecher, B., Fräßdorf, M., Hebing, M., & Wagner, G. G.
Published in: Information - Wissenschaft & Praxis, 68(3)
Year: 2017
Type: Academic articles

In times of rising publication rates and increasingly data-intensive research, the established measurements guaranteeing high quality academic output such as peer review have reached their limits. Against this background, the replicability of scientific results, particularly replication studies, have been discussed as a hallmark of good scientific practice. Thus, failures of replication raises the public's mistrust in the scientific enterprise. More and systematic replication studies are discussed as a solution to counter recent issues of analyses which were found to be methodological unsound or erroneous. Nevertheless, few replication studies are being conducted. The aims of this article are to introduce the main issues regarding the replicability of scientific results, and to suggest policy measures in order to raise the number of replication studies that build upon the implicit mechanisms that structure academic reputation.

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