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Packaging and scholarship – a summary of Zuboff’s talk during the Making Sense of the Digital Society lecture series.

Author: Krell, T.
Published in: Digital society blog
Year: 2020
Type: Other publications

Is the following information relevant to you?: Tech companies collect and sell your data to business consumers, in some cases since the early 2000s. Strategies developed from analysis “nudge” your feelings and behaviour, without you being aware of it. During the Making Sense of the Digital Society event, Shoshana Zuboff – scholar, activist and professor emerita at Harvard Business School – elaborated on the development of and outlook for data usage. She foresees the “remote control” of humans as systems and concluded with an appeal for stronger regulations. Tina Krell sums up Zuboffs‘ lecture , and wonders if her predictions are as likely to come true as she thinks they are.

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