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Öffentlichkeitsbeteiligung in der datengetriebenen Verwaltung. Ein prozessbezogener Ansatz zur Lösung datenbezogener Interessenkonflikte durch die Ergänzung formeller Beteiligung

Author: Auer, A., von Grafenstein, M., Kruse, L. & de Macedo Schäfer, N.
Published in:
Year: 2023
Type: Working paper
DOI: 10.2139/ssrn.4603704

Data-driven decisions and the challenges associated with the collection and (re-)use of data play an increasingly important role in municipal planning and development processes. An early public participation presents a significant opportunity to contribute to both the quality and legitimacy of planning projects. This potential can be exploited by either expanding the formal participation that already exists in administrative processes through the theory and practice of informal public participation or by supplementing it with additional formats. However, previous attempts to implement new participation methods in projects have not achieved the desired permanence and transferability due to their specificity and the lack of binding results. This paper presents a process-oriented procedure to meet these challenges of data governance and to ensure the transferability of the participation formats. In this way, the presented approach distinguishes itself from project-oriented approaches.Using the example measure "Introduction of a parking space management zone in Berlin", the political-administrative process with which an administration can realise this measure is first reconstructed. The article then discusses the formal forms of participation contained in the different phases of this process as well as the data-based conflicts that arise. Based on this, a participation model is developed, which should enable a continuous and result-oriented cooperation with the public.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Alexandra Auer

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin: Data & Smart City Governance

Maximilian von Grafenstein, Prof. Dr.

Assoziierter Forscher, Co-Forschungsprogrammleiter

Luisa Kruse

Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin: Data & Smart City Governance

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