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MAUERSCHAU: A Mobile Virtual Museum – Postmodern Storytelling through Digital Media

Author: Grafenstein, M. v., Schneider, E., Richter, N.
Published in: Kultur und Informatik: Cross Media
Year: 2015
Type: Academic articles

MAUERSCHAU is a project of Mauerschau Medi-enproduktion UG, a Berlin based start-up consist-ing of filmmakers, programmers, humanists, and economists. Our team develops innovative product and business models between the New Media and classic high quality content. Referring to the method of Old Greek theatre “teichoscopy”, our start-up provides, based on techniques of the New Media, access to cultural, historical, and fictional content which classic media productions could not appropriately grant.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Nancy Richter, Dr.

Ehem. Assoziierte Forscherin: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Gesellschaft

Maximilian von Grafenstein, Prof. Dr.

Assoziierter Forscher, Co-Forschungsprogrammleiter

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