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Mapping the Future of Technological Innovations

Author: Böck, C., & Kettemann, M. C.
Published in: REGROUP Foresight Paper, 2024(3), 1-30
Year: 2024
Type: Academic articles
DOI: https://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.11276069

This Foresight paper discusses the application of future studies and strategic foresight in legislative processes, particularly concerning digitalization in post-pandemic Europe. The paper highlights the imperative for laws to be designed for the future – and the rights of future generations – to safeguard intergenerational justice and international solidarity. The analysis begins with an exploration of the challenges and opportunities that digitalization presents in a Europe recovering from COVID-19, which has significantly accelerated technological adoption across various sectors. It examines how laws can be designed to embrace these developments while ensuring societal resilience to future crises. Providing a concise overview of future studies and strategic foresight, the paper identifies gaps and blind spots in EU policy-making that can be filled by integrating foresight studies into policy-making structures. The paper proposes institutionalization strategies and advocates for an ethical framework, suggesting ‘digital humanism’ as a value foundation to guide future-orientated policy decisions. This framework is aimed at ensuring that legislative measures not only address present issues but are also adaptable and considerate of future societal needs. The contribution ends with a presentation of proposals for institutionalizing strategic foresight, advocating for a value-driven approach anchored in digital humanism.

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Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M. (Harvard)

Forschungsgruppenleiter und Assoziierter Forscher: Globaler Konstitutionalismus und das Internet

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