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Making Technology Great Again: How to Use Ethics to Save Digitalisation

Author: Kettemann, M. C.
Published in: Digital society blog
Year: 2020
Type: Other publications

Can your refrigerator order milk for you but refuse to give you a second ice cream? Should your self-driven car drive with you into a tree instead of over a careless road user? Are self-learning systems allowed to make decisions that even coders can no longer explain? And can the answers only be “yes” or “no”? This note based on the author’s talk at the opening of the “The Ethics of Digitalisation” project will explain why ethical decisions are the basis for answering these questions.

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Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M. (Harvard)

Forschungsgruppenleiter und Assoziierter Forscher: Globaler Konstitutionalismus und das Internet

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