Konkurrent oder Komplementär? Herausforderungen und Potenziale beim Einsatz von Enterprise Social Software im Kontext betrieblicher Mitbestimmung

Author: Ogolla, S., Send, H.
Published in: V. Bader, S. Kaiser, Arbeit in der Data Society – Herausforderungen, Chancen und Zukunftsvisionen für Mitbestimmung und Personalmanagement. Heidelberg/Berlin, Germany: Springer Verlag.
Year: 2020
Type: Book contributions and chapters

In this volume, we would like to highlight the challenges and opportunities of datification and new ways of working from the point of view of personnel management and co-determination. The aim is to draw attention to modern forms of participation and to generate approaches for common visions of the future. The editorial volume is intended to address a broad readership from science and practice (actors of co-determination, trade unions, personnel management, politics).

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