IOT & TRUST – Researchers Conference Booklet

Author: Pernice, I. , Schildhauer, T., Tech R., & Djeffal, C. (Eds.)
Published in: Eine Studie des Alexander von Humboldt Instituts für Internet und Gesellschaft
Year: 2017
Type: Other publications

In February 2017 experts from academia and business were invited to share their views on IoT and trust at a HIIG conference. This booklet documents their contributions.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Christian Djeffal, Prof. Dr.

Ehemaliger Projektleiter | Assoziierter Forscher

Robin P. G. Tech

Ehem. Projektleiter: IoT & eGovernment

Ingolf Pernice, Prof. Dr. Dr.

HIIG Gründer und Forschungsdirektor i.R.