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Institutional Logics to Unveil Entrepreneurial Universities’ Performances: A Cross-Country Comparative Study

Author: Forliano, C., Bernardi, P. D., Bertello, A., & Ricciardi, F.
Published in: E. Caperchione & C. Bianchi, Governance and Performance Management in Public Universities, SIDREA Series in Accounting and Business Administration (pp. 179-196). Basel: Springer Cham.
Year: 2022
Type: Book contributions and chapters
DOI: 10.1007/978-3-030-85698-4_9

The success of entrepreneurial universities depends to a large extent on the system of beliefs, relationships, and rules that shape their research and innovation projects. In this light, entrepreneurial universities can be seen as focal actors of hybrid networks in which heterogeneous subjects, characterized by different perceived interests and multiple institutional logics, interact in a systemic way. Consequently, each entrepreneurial university is immersed in a complex organizational field that influences and is influenced by their actions. This chapter draws on the institutional logics perspective to investigate how entrepreneurial universities respond to logic multiplicity. With this purpose, we analyze the case studies of one Continental European, one Anglo-Saxon, and one Asian entrepreneurial university. Then, we develop a framework that relates their key performance indicators to the nine institutional logics individuated at the organizational field level. Theoretical and managerial contributions will be discussed along the chapter.

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