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Hierarchical Layer Selection with Low Overhead in Prioritized Network Coding

Author: Schaeffer, M., Naumann R., Dietzel, S., Scheuermann, B.
Published in: IFIP Networking 2018 Proceedings
Year: 2018
Type: Academic articles

Network coding simplifies routing decisions, improves throughput, and increases tolerance against packet loss. A fundamental limitation, however, is delay: decoding requires as many independent linear combinations as data blocks. Prioritized network coding reduces this delay problem by introducing a hierarchy of prioritization layers. What remains is the problem of choosing a layer to approach two often-contradicting goals: reduce delay until prioritized layers can be decoded and keep the total number of transmissions low. In this paper, we propose an algorithm for this problem that – based on limited feedback – primarily minimizes per-layer delay but identifies opportunities to reduce the required transmissions when per-layer delay is unaffected. Our evaluation shows that our algorithm improves per-layer delay compared to hierarchical network coding and is close to the theoretical optimum number of total transmissions.

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