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Cross-Pollination in Cyberspace and the Internet Governance “Spaghetti-Ball”: How to Design a Global Mechanism for Digital Cooperation?

Author: Kettemann, M.C., Kleinwächter, W., Senges, M., Schweiger, J.
Published in: CircleID
Year: 2020
Type: Other publications

In mid-May 2020, UN-Secretary General Antonio Guterres will present a "Roadmap for Digital Cooperation". This will be another milestone in the discussion on the future of cyberspace, pushed further forward by the UN High Level Panel on Digital Cooperation (HLP), co-chaired by Jack Ma (AliBaba) und Melinda Gates (Microsoft Foundation).The HLP Final Report presented five groups of recommendations. Discussion started during the 14th IGF in Berlin (November 2019), and it continues in the form of virtual "Roundtables" aimed to draft "Opinion Papers," which could lead, as proposed by the HLP-Recommendations 5A/B, to the adoption of a "Global Commitment on Digital Cooperation" by the UN-General Assembly and the establishment of a global mechanism for digital cooperation. The governments of Germany and the United Arab Emirates are co-chairing the "Roundtable for Recommendation 5A/B". They are organizing multi-stakeholder consultations and have invited comments. The "5A/B-Opinion Paper" will be sent to the UN-Secretary General in August 2020. The article below is a shortened version of a comment drafted by four German authors from civil society, business, academic and technical community.

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