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Copyright Content Moderation in the European Union: State of the Art, Ways Forward and Policy Recommendations

Author: Quintais, J. P., Katzenbach, C., Schwemer, S. F., Dergacheva, D., Riis, T., Mezei, P., Harkai, I. & Magalhães, J. C.
Published in: IIC - International Review of Intellectual Property and Competition Law, 55, 157-177
Year: 2024
Type: Academic articles
DOI: 10.1007/s40319-023-01409-5

This Opinion describes and summarises the results of the interdisciplinary research carried out by the authors during the course of a three-year project on intermediaries’ practices regarding copyright content moderation. This research includes the mapping of the EU legal framework and intermediaries’ practices regarding copyright content moderation, the evaluation and measuring of the impact of moderation practices and technologies on access and diversity, and a set of policy recommendations. Our recommendations touch on the following topics: the definition of “online content-sharing service provider”; the recognition and operationalisation of user rights; the complementary nature of complaint and redress safeguards; the scope of permissible preventive filtering; the clarification of the relationship between Art. 17 of the new Copyright Directive and the Digital Services Act; monetisation and restrictive content moderation actions; recommender systems and copyright content moderation; transparency and data access for researchers; trade secret protection and transparency of content moderation systems; the relationship between the copyright acquis, the Digital Services Act and the upcoming Artificial Intelligence Act; and human competences in copyright content moderation.

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