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Constellations of Trust and Distrust in Internet Governance

Author: Hofmann, J.
Published in: European Commission, Trust at Risk:. Implications for EU Policies and Institutions. (pp. 85-98). Brussels: European Commission.
Year: 2017
Type: Book contributions and chapters

Trust is a fundamental condition for a fair and cooperative society. But what if trust collapses?This report is aimed at a better understanding of the disrupting effects an erosion of trust could have for European policies and institutions. The report's main argument is that a breakdown of trust could create serious risks, but also opportunities, for the European Union (EU) and is therefore an important factor that the EU must consider when designing its policies and strategies.By using a rigorous forward-looking and trend impact analysis approach, the report provides insights and options on how strategic political responses for the EU could look like to bring trust back into the European project

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