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CJEU Jurisprudence and the Audience: Making Law in a Public Discourse – Ten Years after CJEU Case C-144/04 Mangold v Helm

Author: Pernice, I.
Published in: J. Czukzai, F. Naert (Eds.), The EU as a global actor – bridging legal theory and practice at the turn of the 21st century - Liber Amicorum in honour of Ricardo Gosalbo-Bono (pp. 113-144). Leiden, Netherlands: Brill-Nijhoff.
Year: 2017
Type: Book contributions and chapters

This contribution sheds light on the dynamic law-making process of the CJEU referring to the Mangold v. Helm judgement, the findings of which were paramount for the principle of equal treatment regarding the interpretation of TFEU art. 157.

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