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Bangkok: An ethical city in 2030

Author: Kitikamdhorn, A., Chua, R., Bettay, D., Adhikari, A., Huth, L., & Atabey, A.
Published in:
Year: 2021
Type: Working paper

Bangkok has the ability to achieve the status of “ethical city” by the year 2030; however, this can not happen organically. Through an examination of various frameworks that are currently in place in the city, we have highlighted specific areas of concerns which we believe need the most work. We have looked at how current frameworks already in place can be improved upon and other recommendations and considerations that should be taken into account to help develop new frameworks for the city to proceed in making a bid for “ethical city” in 2030. We have also spent time defining specific terminology for this report and the context of those definitions. Understanding what is meant by “ethical” and the concept of smart cities makes the areas of concern that we have focused on clear. We hope that the various recommendations and principles laid out below are taken into consideration and help Bangkok on its mission to become an ethical city.

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