An opportunity for inclusion? Digital platform innovation in times of crisis.

Author: Friederici, N., Meier, P. & Gümüsay, A.A.
Published in: Pioneers Post
Year: 2020
Type: Academic articles

Numerous digital platforms have emerged as a go-to response to the Covid-19 crisis – building on conventional platform characteristics, but using alternative, more inclusive organisational models. Researchers Nicolas Friederici, Philip Meier and Ali Aslan Gümüsay explore.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Dr.

Forschungsgruppenleiter: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Gesellschaft

Nicolas Friederici, Dr.

Senior Researcher & Projektleiter: IEG

Philip Meier

Wissenschaftlicher Mitarbeiter: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Gesellschaft

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