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A methodology for cultural music business research

Author: Grünewald-Schukalla, L.
Published in: International Journal of Music Business Research, 6(1), 6-34
Year: 2017
Type: Academic articles

In the light oftheconstant, media driven transformations of the music business and culture, the contexts and practices,where and through which music is produced, circulated and used, change constantly. To detect and analyse these new forms and processes related to the music business and to research their meaning for the peo-ple involved with them, this article proposesa methodology for cultural music busi-ness research. It suggests practice theory as a fruitful starting point to research a transformed music culture as modern practices run across increasingly blurred lines between music producers, businesses, media, brands and prosumers or fans. It then provides insights into the methodology of multi-sitedethnography that fits this kind of cultural music business research and finally proposes a set of methods and tools for interpretation of the data produced through thismethodology.

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