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transmediale 16: Let’s talk about Whistleblowing

Auf der kommenden Transmediale 16 findet Samstag Abend eine Paneldiskussion zum Thema „Let’s talk about Whistleblowing!“ mit Jacob Appelbaum, Wolfgang Kaleck und Markus Beckedahl statt, moderiert von Theresa Züger.

During the past decades, whistleblowing and the publication of state secrets have proven powerful strategies to provide citizens with a new baseline of what they can know about clandestine governmental politics. At the same time, harsh reactions against the involved actors have demonstrated the political delicacy of such publications, and a general insecurity about how to deal with this new type of information politics.

Driven by questions from the audience to the speakers, this session aims to create a space for debate about ways in which whistleblowing and the publication of secret material can become a legitimate and well-respected part of democracy.

Take part in the conversation by submitting your question via the online form now. We look forward to your input and a lively discussion.

The event’s admission fee is included in the festival pass for all transmediale visitors. Single tickets (8 euro) are available here.


At Transmediale 2016, Theresa Züger is the chair of the thematic stream Anxious to Secure. She is a researcher at the Alexander Humboldt Institute of Internet and Society in Berlin. In her research work she explores the intersections between media studies and political philosophy, particularly with regard to phenomena of digital resistance.
From 2009 to this day she has worked in various positions in the media sector and as a lecturer at several German universities. In 2014 she was a visiting scholar at the Berkeley Center for New Media at the University of California.
Her current PhD thesis at the Humboldt University in Berlin focuses on digital forms of civil disobedience and challenges its standard understanding in philosophical discourse.

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Datum der Veranstaltung

06.02.2016 | 8.00 pm – 9.30 pm ical | gcal


Haus der Kulturen der Welt | Theatersaal,  John-Foster-Dulles-Allee 10,  10557 Berlin


Larissa Wunderlich

Visual Communication


Diese exklusive Vorlesungsreihe entwickelt eine europäische Perspektive zu den aktuellen Transformationsprozessen innerhalb unserer Gesellschaft.


Einmal im Monat laden wir ausgewählte Gäste ein, um gemeinsam mit dem Publikum über die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf die Gesellschaft zu sprechen.


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