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Lunch Talk: Abstruse Characteristics of People Participation

Der Lunch Talk findet am 31. Oktober 2023 um 12.00 Uhr MEZ statt. Der Referent, Sharique Hassan Manazir, wird thematische Einblicke in Bürgerpartizipation anhand eines Cases in Indien geben. Jörg Pohle wird die Veranstaltung moderieren. Dies ist eine reine Online-Veranstaltung, die in englischer Sprache abgehalten wird. Unser Ziel ist es, in einer inspirierenden digitalen Mittagspause zusammenzukommen und Ideen auszutauschen.


Lunch Talk
Abstruse Characteristics of People Participation: An Analysis of the Smart City Campaign Over myGov Platform in India
by Sharique Hassan Manazir
Tuesday, 31 October 2023 | 12.00 – 1.00 pm (CET)
online only


In the realm of governance and public policy, the term “e-participation” has a longstanding presence in academic discourse. This concept owes its recognition to the pioneering work of scholars like Ann Macintosh and has even found its way into influential UN reports on e-governance. E-participation has steadily gained prominence around the globe, with various countries such as the US, UK, Australia and Germany releasing government portals for citizen engagement. However, it is essential to acknowledge that e-participation extends beyond surface-level interactions with government websites or mere improvements in their functionality.

One prominent challenge in understanding e-participation is its often-superficial approach, especially among practitioners. A similar limited perspective has given rise to a common conflation between the digital divide and digital inclusion. Furthermore, the sociological dimension of e-participation, which explores how individuals actively engage in the digital sphere to influence public policy formulation, remains underexplored within academic circles. In this talk, Sharique Hassan Manazir will talk about his recent study which analyses e-participation in four ways: e-governance platform analysis, government website content analysis, social media platform analysis, and government e-participation analysis.

The myGov portal was launched in India as a citizen engagement platform facilitating a two-way exchange of ideas between the government and its citizens. In his study, he evaluates e-participation in India through the public discourse in the myGov portal surrounding the Smart City Mission, a project launched to develop smart, citizen-friendly, and sustainable cities in India.

He found that e-participation is not significantly impacted by mobile connectivity, internet connectivity, or other infrastructural support, against common belief.

He will explain how digital exclusion could lead to limited involvement from different socio-economic groups. In reference to his study, he will underscore the critical importance of understanding and harnessing the potential of e-participation in shaping governance and public policy, not only in India but across the globe. 

The talk will be based on a study recently published by the speaker. You can find the respective study here.



Sharique Hassan Manazir, hailing from India, is a Policy Science researcher focusing on public policy formulation and the impact of digital governance platforms. His academic journey includes a PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, where his research delved into the complexities of e-participation and its role in shaping public policy. Along with his independent research, he works at the Bharti Institute of Public Policy, Indian School of Business. In his current role, he spearheads capacity-building initiatives for government officials and elected representatives in India on Digital Governance and Policy Formulation. Beyond research, he actively contributes to academic affiliations and services, including his role as an Area Editor for the Data & Policy Journal. Sharique Hassan Manazir’s contributions to the field of policy science have left a significant mark in India and beyond, and his research continues to influence the domains of public policy and digital governance.



This lunch talk will be held online-only. If you would like to join the talk, please register using the form below. After registration, you will receive a Zoom-link the day before the event.


If you have any questions, please reach out to Daniel Pothmann: daniel.pothmann@hiig.de.


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Datum der Veranstaltung

31.10.2023 | 12.00 pm – 1.00 pm ical | gcal


Online,  HIIG,   Berlin


Jörg Pohle, Dr.

Forschungsprogrammleiter: Daten, Akteure, Infrastrukturen


Diese exklusive Vorlesungsreihe entwickelt eine europäische Perspektive zu den aktuellen Transformationsprozessen innerhalb unserer Gesellschaft.


Einmal im Monat laden wir ausgewählte Gäste ein, um gemeinsam mit dem Publikum über die Auswirkungen der Digitalisierung auf die Gesellschaft zu sprechen.


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