Berlin Open Access Week: Generation Open

Die Un-Conference zum Anlass der Open Access Week richtete sich an alle Nachwuchsforscher/Innen und natürlich an jeden junggebliebenen Forschenden. Un-Conference hieß 5-minütige Lightening Talks zum Thema Offenheit in der Forschunng und die Möglichkeit zur Diskussion. Das war Publikum eingeladen ist, Fragen zu stellen. Das Motto der Veranstaltung war #OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us. Es gibt es auch ein paar Getränke und Snacks.

B E R L I N   O P E N   A C C E S S   W E E K
G E N E R A T I O N    O P E N

In keeping with the theme of this year’s Open Access Week of „Generation Open“, this Berlin event was for Earlier Career Researchers and anyone else who is young at heart!

It had a participative format that comprises:

  • Moderated un-conference where the audience talks and asks questions
  • Simple event theme, we picked #OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us Lightning talks that anyone can give, 5 image slides in 5 minutes
  • Time to chat and mingle over a drink and something to eat
  • A cool venue


8 minsrelax with a drink, a snack and “What is OA?” video by Jorge Cham (PhD Comics), Nick Shockey (Right to Research) and Jonathan Eisen (UCD)
10 minutesun-conference OA topic selection by audience
20 minutestopic discussion with moderation (your host for the evening, Stephanie!)
10 minutesgrab another drink (alcoholic or non), stave off hunger with nibbles
40 minuteslightning talks, “#OpenAccess – it’s up to all of us”
End withgreeting old friends and making some new ones



The event was a collaboration between ScienceOpen, LabFolder, De Gruyter Open and the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society.


22. Okt 2014 | 19:00 – 23:00 ical | gcal



Ehemalige Institutsräume des HIIG | Raum E27,  Bebelplatz 1,  10117 Berlin


Benedikt Fecher, Dr.

Forschungsprogrammleiter: Wissen & Gesellschaft

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