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Artificial Intelligence from a European perspective

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International and interdisciplinary: a network of 26 Internet research institutes is researching the social challenges of digital technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI). At a conference in Haifa, young researchers will present their results on legal and ethical implications of AI and the ongoing work of the network will be discussed. Berlin, 28 November 2017…

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Big Data Nudging involves dangers

Cover der Studie: Big Data Nudging

The default settings in apps are a current example of how behaviour is influenced and how citizens are “nudged” in a certain direction. A study shows the consequences of this interference and proposes a public nudge-register for more transparency. Die Widerspruchslösung bei der Organspende und die Einstellungen bei Apps sind aktuelle Beispiele dafür, wie das…

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Scientific study proves innovation potential of the GDPR

GDRP DSGVO Purpose Limitation

A legal study on the EU General Data Protection Regulation by a researcher at the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society (HIIG) shows that the new regulation is a suitable regulatory instrument for innovation processes and can even create competitive advantages if properly implemented. Berlin, 14 May 2018 – Since the negotiations on…

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Smart Energy Study: Unsatisfied customers and great potential of user innovation

Smart Energy Nutzerinnovation

+++PRESS RELEASE IN GERMAN: First comprehensive academic study on use and acceptance of smart energy applications in Germany | High dissatisfaction among smart energy users | Widespread wish for product solutions | Majority of users is getting active as innovators themselves +++ Erste umfangreiche Studie zur Nutzung und Akzeptanz von Smart Energy Anwendungen in Deutschland…

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