Tuukka Lehtiniemi is a researcher at Aalto University, Finland, and a PhD candidate at University of Turku, Finland. In February 2018 he joined HIIG as a Fellow in the research programme “The relationship between actors, data, and infrastructures in the digital society”.

Tuukka’s research interests involve value creation and users’ role in the data economy. He focuses on data activism that takes the form of technology development and policy initiatives aiming to put users in control of data trails they leave behind in everyday life. Examples of such initiatives include personal data spaces, consent intermediaries, and a movement formed around the “MyData” concept. In his research he is interested in how these initiatives conceive users as economic actors in the data economy, and how they aims to change its institutionalised forms of value creation.

Tuukka is currently pursuing a PhD in economic sociology. He holds a M.Soc.Sc. degree in economics from University of Helsinki, and a M.Sc. (tech) degree from Helsinki University of Technology.