Thea Riebe takes part in the Master Programme International Studies / Peace and Conflict Studies at the Goethe Universität Frankfurt and the TU Darmstadt, as well as the Université de Lausanne. She worked in the Frankfurt Peace Research Institute as a student assistant in the department for International Organisations and the Law of the people. In addition to her studies she writes for the Sicherheitspolitik-Blog and works on issues of security studies and internet politics.

Organisation of Events:

Interdisciplinary Research on Information Privacy, Surveillance, and Data Protection
Early Stage Researcher Colloquium 2015. 23.09.2015. Wissenschaftszentrum Berlin, Berlin, Germany (International)

Thea Riebe, Jörg Pohle, Rüdiger Schwarz, Osvaldo Saldías, Dr., Ingolf Pernice, Prof. Dr. Dr.