Rebecca Kahn completed her PhD in the Department of Digital Humanities at King’s College, London in 2017. Her research examines the impact and effect of digital transformation on cultural heritage institutions, their documentation, data models and internal ontologies. Her research also examines how the identity of an institution can be traced and observed throughout their digital assets.

Her undergraduate studies were completed in her native South Africa, and prior to beginning her research, Rebecca worked for several years in the Open Access and Free Culture movement, and has a particular interest in scholarly open access in the Global South, open education and peer learning online and open web literacy.

Since January 2017 Rebecca has worked on the Pelagios Project – a project which uses Linked Data and GIS to explore building connections between historical sources on the web. Her focus is on working with museums, libraries and archives to develop linked data connections from their collections. The project is funded by the Andrew W Mellon Foundation.”

Book contributions and chapters:

Kahn, R., Tanner, S., Gibson, L., & Laycock, G. (2017). Choices in Digitization for the Digital Humanities. In Griffin, G. (Ed.), Research Methods for the Arts and Humanities. Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press. Publication details

Other publications:

Kahn, R. (2017). Smudges on the Glass: Locating and Tracing the Museum in the British Museum’s Digitised Collections. Doctoral Dissertation, King's College London. Publication details

Kahn, R. (2015). South Africa Might Get the Worst Internet Censorship Law in Africa. Huffington Post. Publication details

Lectures and Presentations:

Semantic Annotation for Humanists: Linked Data Without the Pointy Brackets
International Symposium of Information Science 2017 (Satellite Workshop on the Relationship of Information Science and the Digital Humanities) . University of Regensburg, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin, Berlin School of Library and Information Science. Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin, Berlin, Germany: 15.03.2017

Rebecca Kahn