Paul Jackson, Dr.

Prior to becoming an academic, Paul had a 25 year career as a software development manager and strategic consultant in Australia and Germany. He has consulted to industry and public service organizations in strategic IS planning, knowledge management and systems development. He joined Edith Cowan University in June 2002 and is a senior lecturer in the School of Business. He has a PhD in information systems development and his particular research interest is investigating innovation and knowledge management from philosophical, social and cognitive perspectives to improve outcomes. 

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Relevant Publications
Conference contributions and other activities
Relevant Publications

Journal Publications and Conference Proceedings:

Richter N, Jackson P, Schildhauer T. (2018). Outsourcing creativity: An Empirical Study of Open Innovation using Corporate Accelerators in Creativity and Innovation Management. Creativity and Innovation Management, 27(1), 1-10. Publication details

Richter, N., Jackson, P., & Schildhauer, T. (2017). Open Innovation with digital startups using Corporate Accelerators – A review of the current state of research. Zeitschrift für Politikberatung, 9. Publication details

Jackson, P., Dobson, P., & Richter, N. (2017). The situational logic of entrepreneurship: a realist approach to national policy. Innovation: The European Journal of Social Science Research, 1-24. Publication details

Richer, N., Jackson, P., & Schildhauer, T. (2017). Entrepreneurship und Nationaler Wohlstand – Warum Deutschland mehr für seine Gründer tun muss. HIIG Discussion Paper Series. Publication details

Jackson, P., Runde, J., Dobson, P., & Richter, N. (2015). Identifying mechanisms influencing the emergence and success of innovation within national economies: a realist approach. Policy Sciences, 1-26. Publication details


Richter, N., Jackson, P., Schildhauer, T. (2018). Entrepreneurial Innovation and Leadership – Preparing for a digital future. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan. Publication details

Jackson, P., Richter, N., Schildhauer T. (2017). Entrepreneurial Behaviour and Startups: The Case of Germany and the USA. Online: Palgrave Macmillan. Publication details

Conference contributions and other activities

Lectures and Presentations:

Innovation Landscape in Australia and Germany, Workshop Innovation in the Indian Ocean Region,
Workshop Innovation in the Indian Ocean Region . Joondalup Country Club, Connolly, Australia: 19.11.2014

Nancy Richter, Paul Jackson