Matti Große is a research fellow at the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society and supports projects in the research area “internet-enabled innovation”. In his research project he is going to investigate the reasons that stimulate users to be innovative and those that impede such behavior. We will look at users that are interested in smart energy technologies, implement those technologies and those, that are active in online forums, open garages and discussions with like-minded people.

As a research fellow and PhD candidate he also works at the TU Berlin at the Chair of Innovation Economics of Prof. Dr. Knut Blind and is responsible for teaching in the subjects Innovation Policy, IP Management and Sustainable Innovation.

His research interests cover the fields of user innovation, user-centric business models, smart technologies as well as innovation in the service sector.

Other publications:

Große, M., Send, H. & Loitz, T. (2018). Smart Energy in Deutschland: Wie Nutzerinnovationen die Energiewende voranbringen. Eine Studie des Alexander von Humboldt Instituts für Internet und Gesellschaft. Publication details

Große, M. & Lindner, D. (2017). Das Internet der Energie und seine Pioniere. HIIG Blog. Publication details