Katharina Beitz

Katharina Beitz is currently studying “Leadership & Digital Innovation” at ESCP in Berlin, Paris, and Shanghai. She finishes her 2nd Bachelor in Business Communication at HTW Berlin right now as well as studying an additional degree in Culture Management at German Academy for Management.

She is part of the project “Governance in Data-Driven Innovation” at HIIG.

She holds a degree in philosophy and worked as research assistant at the chair of Aesthetics and Theoretical Philosophy at Freie Universität Berlin. In her thesis World poverty and Global Justice she analyzed the concepts of development politics and discussed contemporary perspectives in the healthcare sector. That’s why she joined several NGO’s in Namibia, Botsuana and South Africa and gained professional experiences in founding companies, business model developments and prototyping.

Her primary research focus lies in the possible measurements of social impact in businesses (SROI), in standardization processes of prototyping and hardware innovation.

As a self-employed strategy consultant Katharina is focused on the creative scene in Berlin and active in topics like privacy, hacktivism and the maker movement.

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Associate Researcher: Internet-enabled Innovation

Relevant Publications
Conference contributions and other activities
Relevant Publications

Other publications:

Beitz, K. (2016). Warum wir Anonymität brauchen. Das Tor-Netzwerk unter Generalverdacht, . HIIG Blog. Publication details

Conference contributions and other activities

Organisation of Events:

Game Jam – Unveil the privacy threat
From 07.10.2017 to 08.10.2017. Humboldt Institut for Internet and Society, sirius minds, Berlin, Germany (International)

Katharina Beitz, Maximilian von Grafenstein, Dr., Thomas Schildhauer, Prof. Dr. Dr.