For several years Ayca Nina Zuch has been working in project based fields within art and scientific institutions such as Kunst-Werke Berlin, Universität der Künste and for independent art and theatre projects.

In 2007 she graduated with a Masters degree in media and communication studies at FU Berlin. In 2012 she did the Meisterschüler in fine arts with Josephine Pryde at UdK Berlin. Her focus was on knowledge architecture as well as internet related and collaborately structured performance as socially operating tool.

Journal Publications and Conference Proceedings:

Send, H., Friesike, S., & Zuch, A.N. (2013). Motivation for Participation in Co-Creation. Conference Proceedings EURAM 2013. Publication details

Working Paper:

Send, H., Friesike, S., & Zuch, A. N. (2014). Participation in On-Line Co-Creation: Assessment and Review of Motivations. HIIG Discussion Paper Series, 2014(01). Publication details