Armin Sauermann is currently studying social science (sociology + political science). At the Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society Armin supported the research area “Open Science”.

Journal Publications and Conference Proceedings:

Fecher, B., Friesike, S., & Hebing, M. (2015). What Drives Academic Data Sharing? PLOS ONE, 10(2). Publication details

Working Paper:

Fecher, B., Friesike, S., Hebing, M., Linek, S., & Sauermann, A. (2015). A Reputation Economy: Results from an Empirical Survey on Academic Data Sharing. DIW Berlin Discussion Paper, No. 1454. Publication details

Other publications:

Fecher, B., Frisike S., Hebing, M., Linek S., & Sauermann A. (2015). Academia is a reputation economy — data-sharing policies should take incentives into account. The Impact Blog. Publication details