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Privacy, Data Protection & Surveillance

Whether privacy-by-design, GDPR or surveillance impact assessments: Use the opportunity to present and discuss current research work!

To turn back the hands of time

One look at your smartphone and it’s been hours. Do we gain more time by using smart apps or do we get lost in the digital world?

Hands-on internet research

On 9 June we will present our research on data protection, blockchain, innovations and digital knowledge.

Innovation potential of the GDPR

HIIG researcher: The GDPR is a suitable regulatory instrument for innovation processes and can create competitive advantages.

Pitchfork 4.0 – a second green revolution?

Agricultural drones, automated farms and smart breeding. How can digitisation make food production more sustainable?

HIIG researcher has been honoured

Our researcher Christian Katzenbach has been awarded for the best dissertation of the years 2016-17 by DGPuK.

Entrepreneurial Innovation

How do companies remain competitive in the digital environment? A brand-new publication shows important prerequisites.

Long night of the sciences, brandnew website, data protection regulation

Every four months, we send out our newsletter “HIIG Quarterly”.

GDPR falls short in terms of AI

The General Data Protection Regulation is an important, but not sufficient step towards regulation of automated decision making. This is the result of a study published by HIIG-director Wolfgang Schulz and Stephan Dreyer (HBI) commissioned by Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Marion Fourcade: Social order in the digital society

How is social order constituted and legitimated in a society ruled by digital classifiers? Marion Fourcade, writer of the book “Ordinal Society” takes a look at social stratification and morality in the digital economy. On 7 May, she continues our lecture series “Making sense of the digital society”.

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