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Exploring digital spheres

Come with us on a journey into the realms of the digital: HIIG director tells you in how far he trusts algorithm based machines.

Artificial Intelligence from a European perspective

Young researchers present their results on legal and ethical implications of AI at an interdisciplinary conference.

AI and public administration

Artificial intelligence: HIIG researcher Christian Djeffal gives seven forward-looking recommendations in a short study for NEGZ.

Federal Government: 3rd Commitment Report

The Commission’s office starts at HIIG and investigates the engagement of young people in the digital age.

Academic lecture series

Register now for the next event: On 11 December, Reckwitz will talk about digitalisation and the society of singularities.

HIIG Quarterly: Read now!

Exploring the Digital Society, Big Data Nudging, Colonised by Data: Our institute’s latest newsletter has been published.

Big Data Nudging involves dangers

A study shows the consequences of nudging and proposes a public nudge-register for more transparency.

Privacy and Cyber Security

The edited volume summarises the results of a transatlantic dialogue on privacy and cyber security.

Internet and Society Fellowship 2019

The deadline is getting closer – apply now until 1 September!

Professorship ‘Digital Self-determination’

Max von Grafenstein, co-head of the research program “Data, Actors, Infrastructures” at HIIG, was appointed professor at the UdK Berlin Career College.

About HIIG

The HIIG researches the development of the internet from a societal perspective with the aim to better understand the digitalisation of all spheres of life.

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