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GDPR falls short in terms of AI

The General Data Protection Regulation is an important, but not sufficient step towards regulation of automated decision making. This is the result of a study published by HIIG-director Wolfgang Schulz and Stephan Dreyer (HBI) commissioned by Bertelsmann Stiftung.

Marion Fourcade: Social order in the digital society

How is social order constituted and legitimated in a society ruled by digital classifiers? Marion Fourcade, writer of the book “Ordinal Society” takes a look at social stratification and morality in the digital economy. On 7 May, she continues our lecture series “Making sense of the digital society”.

Directed by Data

The event in April deals with the impact of data on the creative industry: Scripts and series are already based on algorithms dealing with user preferences – what kind of future do we want? Join us once again for Digitaler Salon – on 25 April at HIIG in Berlin!

New scientific director at HIIG

The HIIG expands its board of directors: Since 1 April 2018 Björn Scheuermann is new Scientific Director. Together with the members of the current board of directors, Jeanette Hofmann, Ingolf Pernice, Thomas Schildhauer and Wolfgang Schulz, Scheuermann will enrichen the HIIG through his expertise in computer science.

Smart Energy Study: Potential of user innovation

Newly published: First comprehensive study on the use and acceptance of smart energy applications in Germany by HIIG-researchers Hendrik Send and Matti Große. Most smart energy users are not satisfied with the currently available products and wish for better product solutions. Many users themselves get active.

Digitaler Salon: LOL war gestern

Cat falls off the sofa: Roflmao, epic fail! Dumbness prevails, deal with it! On 28 February, we are going to discuss memes and online humour at Digitaler Salon: What goes viral? Are AI and robots going to make everybody laugh in the near future?

Future and uncertainty in the digital society

What does prediction by algorithms and AI mean? How does AI shift our understanding and production of knowledge? And how do algorithmic forecasts affect our relationship with the future? Elena Esposito, one of the leading advocates of systems theory, will continue our lecture series on 12 March. Sign up now!

Brand new: encore Volume 2017

encore is just off the presses – transformed into a high-profile magazine on internet and society research. Share the latest issue with your friends, colleagues and family members and read what Manuel Castells, Tarleton Gillespie, José van Dijck and Bill Dutton say about the digital society.

We are hiring!

You are interested in internet-enabled innovation, open innovation and entrepreneurship? Then apply as a scientific project manager at our institute and join HIIG’s international research team – we look forward to meeting you!

Out now: HIIG Quarterly

2018 has gotten off to an exciting start! Read HIIG’s Quarterly newsletter to learn more about our plans for this year, digital research mining, micro-targeting voters, artificial intelligence and human rights, the academic lecture series with Christoph Neuberger and Elena Esposito, and much more…

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