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Panel Discussion: AI for Social Good?

In early July, panellists will discuss the opportunities and risks of applying Artificial Intelligence in sustainable entrepreneurship in Benin and Francophone West and Central Africa. The panel will consist of three to four local experts from the realm of academia, entrepreneurship and policy making. The stakeholders will discuss challenges as well as strategies and actions to promote sustainable digital entrepreneurship in the region. The panel discussion will take place on 7 July in Cotonou, Benin.

MSD: Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship in Africa

In early July, a multi-stakeholder dialogue will bring together relevant stakeholders to capture the status quo of sustainable digital entrepreneurship in Benin and Francophone West and Central Africa. Stakeholders will discuss challenges as well as strategies and measures to promote sustainable digital entrepreneurship in the region. The multi-stakeholder dialogue will take place on 6 July in Cotonou, Benin.

MSD: Innovation and Training Park Prizren

The “Innovation and Training Park (ITP)” Prizren, a former operating base of the German contingent of the NATO-led peacekeeping mission in Kosovo (KFOR) is located on the edge of Prizren, the second largest city and cultural centre of Kosovo. Within the next few years, the ITP Prizren aims to become the regional hub for entrepreneurship innovation, business and skills development, and a source of creative and sustainable ideas.

To collect initial data and viewpoints for the study the Multi-Stakeholder Dialogue in June 2022 aims to sensitise park stakeholders for the possibilities of the ITP. Stakeholders include academia, entrepreneurial groups, the education community as well as civil society, alongside local policy makers. The goal is to improve the involvement and access of the city and its inhabitants to the ITP, unleashing its full potential for Prizren’s communities. 

Research Sprint: Kick off on fair online platform work

This research sprint within the Sustainability, Entrepreneurship and Global Digital Transformation project is taking place online with a finishing week in Accra, Ghana. The sprint aims at informing Ghanian policy regarding gig work and the platforms that broker it. Questions are: How can platform work in Africa be shaped sustainably? How do platforms need to be regulated? What role does fairness play in regulation and the exchange between different interest groups?

Study: Digital solutions to tackle questions around rainforest protection and climate resilience

The call for proposals for the study on digital technology, climate resilience and rainforest protection is open! The study will focus on Indonesia and Southeast Asia. You can still send in your applications here until 20 June 2022.

Call for Contributions

Together with Brandenburgisches Zentrum für Medienwissenschaften (ZEM) we are calling for contributions on the topic of Infrastructures of Autonomy.


Study: Sustainable and Adaptable Building Transformation for Digital Innovation Quarters

The study aims to present how digitalisation can enable resource-saving redevelopment in the sense of circular construction in the “Innovation and Training Park” (ITP) Prizren, Kosovo.  The architect’s office “Octagon” was chosen to renew the ITP complex because of their progessive work in the field of urban and area development. The study is scheduled to be released later this year.

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Call for Proposals now open

Call for Proposals for new study on "Promoting Sustainable Digital Entrepreneurship in Francophone West and Central Africa”. The study will focus on the contextual (e.g., institutional, social, and technological) barriers to sustainable digital entrepreneurship. The study will be conducted in French.

Help for Ukrainian scientists

We have set up a Telegram bot that provides information to support researchers and students from Ukraine.

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