Open Lunch: Infrastructuring Connectivity

The Internet is usually pictured as immaterial and fluid. The heavy industry and vast energy-consuming infrastructure securing the functionality of web services, as well as its social and environmental effects, remain mainly invisible. On 21 June, Asta Vonderau offers a infrastructural perspective on the Internet:

Navigating through digital election issues

How do we use data purposefully and justly? How should we react to populism and social bots? How can we protect ourselves against cyber attacks? More than ever, the elections will deal with questions of the digital age. Our digital election compass opens up the political parties’ positions on these pressing issues.

IoT & Trust: Conference Brochure

The move from the internet of computers to the internet of things depends on social acceptance for these increasingly autonomous systems. From 22 to 23 February 2017, a transdisciplinary conference at HIIG focused on the role of trust in the adoption of new technologies and explored its interplay with IoT.

Digitaler Salon: Internet killed the Videostar

Which music emerges in the age of technological reproducibility? How are artists using new technologies and at which point does a remix become a new song? The upcoming Digitaler Salon is taking place on 31 May 2017 at HIIG. Join us for the discussion and the ensuing live set – analogically or digitally!