European internet research on the rise

Together with other institutes we started a new platform for scientific cooperation and exchange. The recently founded “European Hub” aims at strenghtening european internet research in order to contribute to a better understanding of the digital society.

Game Jam: Presentation and awards

How do we build smart cities in a privacy and security-friendly way, when more and more movements and human actions are tracked by public wifi and camera systems? Join us on 8 October, when the best Game Jam idea will be awarded by an expert jury with an exciting prize!

Digitaler Salon: iCare for you

Plush robots, smart walking aids and digital conversation partners: Could machines possibly relieve the nursing sector and simulate feelings? And should they do so? Next month we’re discussing robots in the public health sector. Join us!

Dossier: Germany goes digital?

How parties envision the process of digitalisation is becoming a more important factor in the fight for political power. Various online tools shed light on the opaque party election programs in order to discuss important questions.