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Shlomi Hod

Shlomi is an associated researcher at HIIG’s AI & Society Lab. He is a first-year computer science Ph.D. student at Boston University, and he is interested in responsible AI, particularly, (1) the societal impact of algorithms and machine learning systems and (2) interpretable machine learning.

In Spring 2020 Shlomi co-taught a course in Responsible AI, Law & Society with Prof. Dr. Niva Elkin-Koren and others. Occasionally, he is consulting for startups and companies with data science projects.

In his previous life, Shlomi was a social entrepreneur – co-founder of the Israeli Cyber Education Center. There he led the development of nationwide educational programs in computing for kids and teens. The center aims to increase the social mobility of underrepresented groups in tech, such as women, minorities, and individuals from the suburbs of Israel. He co-authored a Computer Network textbook in a tutorial approach (in Hebrew).

Before that, he was an algorithmic research team leader in cybersecurity.

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Associated Researcher: AI & Society Lab