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Sami Nenno

Sami Nenno works at the HIIG as a student assistant in the research project Public Interest AI. He is studying Data Science in the master’s program at Beuth University in Berlin. The master is focused on “Urban Technologies” and “Intelligent Machines”. His personal focus of interest is on the interface between society and digital transformation or artificial intelligence.

He studied philosophy at the University of Vienna (B.A.) and at the Humboldt University Berlin (M.A.). In his master thesis he developed an approach to describe temporal perception and experience by means of mathematical logic using the example of movies.

Before studying Data Science, he worked as an analyst for a media surveillance company for more than a year and studied computer science and mathematics at the Humboldt University for a few semesters.

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Student Assistant: AI & Society Lab

Other publications

Nenno, S. (2021). Siri’s evil sister. When the Dutch public service steals your data. Digital society blog. Publication details

Hewett, F., & Nenno, S. (2021). How to identify bias in Natural Language Processing. Digital society blog. Publication details

Nenno, S. (2021). How to find the right survey tool:problems and proposals. Elephant in the Lab. Publication details