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Wikiversity Syllabus: Digital Sovereignty in Africa

Author: Gehl Sampath, P., & Tregenna, F. (Eds.)
Published in:
Year: 2022
Type: Other publications

This open curriculum was created for the 2021 Research Sprint on African narratives on Digital Sovereignty. The sprint brought together researchers and professionals from academia, industry and civil society from all over the world to collaborate on issues of digital sovereignty and to discuss how African States can promote digital governance, and accountable transitions to the digital economy. This involved a careful study of the challenges of data extraction and commodification, rising costs of innovation, an influx of predatory firms, the loss of privacy, linguistic and cultural exclusion, loss of comparative advantages in business, technology-led unemployment, and autonomy in the digital economy.Readers are encouraged to benefit from this collection of materials to create their own courses, and to study the development of African perspectives on digital sovereignty.

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