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Video and Online Learning: Critical Reflections and Findings from the Field

Author: Hansch, A., Hillers, L., McConachie, K., Newman, Ch., Schildhauer, T., Schmidt, P.
Published in:
Year: 2015
Type: Working paper

Video is an essential component of most Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) and other forms of online learning. This exploratory study examines video as an instructional medium and investigates the following research questions: • How is video designed, produced, and used in online learning contexts, specifically with regard to pedagogy and cost? • What are the benefits and limitations of standardizing the video production process?This report presents an overview of current video practice: the widespread use of video and its costs, the relevance of production value for learning, the pedagogical considerations of teaching online, and the challenges of standardizing production. Findings are based on a literature review, our observation of online courses, and the results of 12 semi-structured interviews with practitioners in the field of educational video production.Based on these findings, we have developed a set of recommendations designed to raise awareness and stimulate critical reflection on video’s role in online learning. Additionally, we discuss some need for further research on the effectiveness of video as a pedagogical tool and highlight under-explored uses of the medium, such as live video.

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Christopher Newman

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