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The Turn to Artificial Intelligence in Governing Communication Online Workshop Report

Author: Gollatz, K., Beer, F. &, Katzenbach, C.
Published in:
Year: 2018
Type: Working paper

Presently, we are witnessing an intense debate about technological advancements in artificial intelligence (AI) research and its deployment in various societal domains and contexts. In this context, media and communications is one of the most prominent and contested fields. Bots, voice assistants, automated (fake) news generation, content moderation and filtering – all of these are examples of how AI and machine learning are transforming the dynamics and order of digital communication.On 20 March 2018 the Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society together with the nongovernmental organisation Access Now hosted the one-day expert workshop “The turn to AI in governing communication online”. International experts from academia, politics, civil society and business gathered in Berlin to discuss the complex socio-technical questions and issues concerning subjects such as artificial intelligence technologies, machine learning systems, the extent of their deployment in content moderation and the range of approaches to understanding the status and future impact of AI systems for governing social communication on the internet.This workshop report summarises and documents the authors’ main takeaways from the discussions. The discussions, comments and questions raised and responses from experts also fed into the report. The report has been distributed among workshop participants. It is intended to contribute current perspectives to the discourse on AI and the governance of communication.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Felix Beer

Former Student Assistant: The evolving digital society

Christian Katzenbach, Prof. Dr.

Associated researcher: The evolving digital society

Kirsten Gollatz

Former Associate Researcher: The evolving digital society

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