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The Platform Governance Archive

Author: Katzenbach, C., Magalhães, J. C., Kopps, A., Sühr, T., & Wunderlich, L.
Published in: Alexander von Humboldt Institute for Internet and Society
Year: 2021
Type: Other publications
DOI: 10.17605/OSF.IO/XSBPT

The Platform Governance Archive (PGA) is a project to facilitate critical engagement with the way platforms order and govern our communication and activities. It offers an interactive exploration of some major platforms’ set of rules, as well as access to a curated and structured database containing key policies of the platforms’ full lifetime.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Tom Sühr

Former student Assistant: The evolving digital society

Adrian Kopps

Associated Researcher: The evolving digital society

João Carlos Magalhães, Dr.

Former Senior Researcher: The evolving digital society

Christian Katzenbach, Prof. Dr.

Associated researcher: The evolving digital society

Larissa Wunderlich

Visual Communication and Design

  • Open Access
  • Transdisciplinary

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