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Stärkung der Demokratie in der digitalen Konstellation. Einführung zur öff. Anhörung des Ausschusses für Verfassungsfragen (AFCO) des Europäischen Parlaments am 25. April 2018 zum Thema: “Globalization Trilemma. How to Reconcile Globalization, Democracy and Welfare – Lessons for the EU

Author: Pernice, I.
Published in:
Year: 2018
Type: Working paper

This paper presents and discusses some ideas on digital identity, European citizenship and multilevel democracy in the face of globalization. What is called the “Digital Constellation” offers new perspectives for enhancing democracy, and the EU in particular could benefit from these new technologies. This includes the use of blockchain for a digital citizens’ register that gives European citizenship a practical foundation and allows new forms of polling and (random sample) evoting as forms of enhanced participatory democracy. It would stimulate engagement and help bridging the gap between citizens and their political institutions. The EU would thus be a laboratory and model for establishing democratically legitimate forms of regulation also at the global level where appropriate and needed with a view of meeting the challenges of globalization, and of fundamentally changing its nature and effects so to ensure welfare globally.

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