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Resilience without accountability holds back transformative change

Author: Fecher, B., Gümüsay, A. A., Bohn, S. & A. Jobin
Published in: LSE Impact Blog
Year: 2023
Type: Other publications

The concept of resilience is often positioned as a solution to social challenges, notably the unfolding climate crisis. However, as Benedikt Fecher, Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Stephan Bohn and Anna Jobin discuss, resilience on its own is insufficient without accountability. Linking resilience to the vastly increased powers of digital technology, for better or worse, to track, monitor and visualize human behaviour they suggest resilience can only be effective when linked to deliberate action.

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Connected HIIG researchers

Anna Jobin, Dr.

Associated Researcher: The Evolving Digital Society

Ali Aslan Gümüsay, Prof. Dr.

Head of Research Group and Associate Researcher: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

Benedikt Fecher, Dr.

Associate Researcher & Former Head of Research Programme: Knowledge & Society

Stephan Bohn, Dr.

Senior Researcher & Project Lead: Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Society

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