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Open Innovation and Crowdsourcing in the Sciences

Author: Schildhauer, T., Voss, H.
Published in: Bartling, S., Friesike, S., Opening Science – The Evolving Guide on How the Internet is Changing Research, Collaboration and Scholarly Publishing (pp. 255-269). Berlin, Germany: Springer Open.
Year: 2014
Type: Book contributions and chapters

The advent of open innovation has intensified communication and interaction between scientists and corporations. Crowdsourcing added to this trend. Nowadays research questions can be raised and answered from virtually anywhere on the globe. This chapter provides an overview of the advancements in open innovation and the phenomenon of crowdsourcing as its main tool for accelerating the solution-finding process for a given (not only scientific) problem by incorporating external knowledge, and specifically by including scientists and researchers in the formerly closed but now open systems of innovation processes. We present perspectives on two routes to open innovation and crowdsourcing: either asking for help to find a solution to a scientific question or contributing not only scientific knowledge but also other ideas towards the solution-finding process. Besides explaining forms and platforms for crowdsourcing in the sciences we also point out inherent risks and provide a future outlook for this aspect of (scientific) collaboration.

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