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Open source hardware startups and their communities

Author: Tech, R. P. G., Ferdinand, J.-P., & Dopfer, M.
Published in: J.-P. Ferdinand; U., Petschow, & S. Dickel (Eds.), The Decentralized and Networked Future of Value Creation (pp. 129-145). Heidelberg: Springer.
Year: 2016
Type: Book contributions and chapters

This book identifies, analyzes and discusses the current trends of digitalized, decentralized, and networked physical value creation by focusing on the particular example of 3D printing. In addition to evaluating 3D printing’s disruptive potentials against a broader economic background, it also addresses the technology’s potential impacts on sustainability and emerging modes of bottom-up and community-based innovation. Emphasizing these topics from economic, technical, social and environmental perspectives, the book offers a multifaceted overview that scrutinizes the scenario of a fundamental transition: from a centralized to a far more decentralized system of value creation.

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