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Making the internet work for humanity

Author: Kettemann, M. C.
Published in: U. Werther-Pietsch, Powering Universalism: Future Global Governance (pp. 251-254). Vienna, Austria: Klein Publishing.
Year: 2021
Type: Book contributions and chapters

The autocratic challenge to democracies, a two-systems rivalry, large dominance of realpolitik and the emergence of big tech powerhouses as global players are the strategic matches of our times. To this adds the COVID-19 pandemic as a polycrisis, for some, the end of the Unit-ed Nations.How would a digitalised, environmentally sustainable and gender-sensitive world look like in 2050?In the manifesto Future Global Governance , co-authors revisit the changed context for mul-tilateralism and view new forms of anticipatory human-centred governance. The book re-examines universalism, strategic autonomy and resilience against today s power projections.Ursula Werther-Pietsch (ed.) is a profound connoisseur of multilateral system thinking. She published widely on human security, UN peace and security architecture and the Collective System of Security.

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Matthias C. Kettemann, Prof. Dr. LL.M. (Harvard)

Head of Research Group and Associate Researcher: Global Constitutionalism and the Internet

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